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Confidentiality Agreement - Because this is a program that works so well we have to protect all of our members as well as intellectual property. Before placing your order you must agree that you will not disclose, share or give-away any of the information contained within this program to anyone without the written consent of Platinum Millennium, LLC.. 

With that said, we welcome you to the Kindle Cash Flow program, you are going to love it!  This course is extremely easy. We do not offer a money back guarantee because of how easy it is to make happen. All we ask is that you go in try the product and prove to yourself that you can follow the steps and publish your own collection of Kindle titles.  Enjoy and we look forward to having you as a student :)

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 The 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Terms

1) We stand behind our promise that if you take action and don’t earn at least double your purchase price of Kindle Cash Flow within the next 60 days… We'll give you your money back. This means that as long as you meet the requirements, 60 days from now you’ll have earned double, at the very least, what you invested today! Here are the requirements:1) You must publish at least 20 ebooks a month during the next 60 days. For the purposes of this guarantee, the first week will begin 48 hours from your investment in Kindle cash Flow. Each of your ebooks books must show proof as being published after your purchase of the Kindle Cash Flow system, ebooks published prior to your purchasing of the Kindle Cash Flow system do not count. 

2) Each ebook that you publish must be at least 40 plus pages in length, 450 words or more per page. The ebooks that you publish must be of high quality, original content and not plr, private label rights, master resell rights or available or published on any other websites or platform(s) outside of Amazon, Apple, or the Barnes and Nobles online platforms..

3) You must document each ebook that you publish in a Google Spreadsheet, including when you first published it and where the content came from. It is imperative that you document this data in the spreadsheet immediately after you publish your ebooks, because Google will track when you made updates to the spreadsheet. This spreadsheet should include your name, your purchase email address and must be shared with within 3 days of your purchase today.
That’s it! If you follow these steps and don’t make at least double your money back within 60 days of your investment in Kindle Cash Flow, simply contact us at and we’ll arrange a quick web meeting to verify you fully met each of the requirements exactly as specified above. If you did, we will then refund your Kindle Cash Flow purchase price within 7 days of the web meeting. You must contact us between 61 and 68 days of your purchase today to claim the guarantee and meet all the requirements exactly as stated above. No exceptions.