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Grab This Stunning, One Of A Kind, Unisex Writer's Glass Art Pendant-Necklace Set, 
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Please note:

  • Due to the handmade nature, the design placement may vary slightly. 
  • This key ring is water resistant but not waterproof, please don't submerge in water.
  • Not intended for young children. 
  • Colors may differ slightly in real life due to your monitor's color settings.
  • Your Pendant is water resistant, but NOT waterproof. Please remove the Pendant before showering, swimming, etc. Glass Pendants present a choking hazard, and are not intended for children under 12 years of age.

If you love writing or know someone who does, this is the PERFECT GIFT!I
  • Each piece is handmade one at a time & carefully crafted
  • Unisex, so its perfect for men and women alike 
  • (1.25" or 3.18 cm) diameter round charm
  • Glass dome covered professionally printed image
  • Top quality silver plated nickel free base
  • 1 inch split ring to add your keys
  • Each pendant includes a matching 24" (61 cm) necklace with a lobster-style clasp.
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Dear Fellow Successful Writer,
I say fellow ‘successful’ writer because I believe no matter where you are in your writing endeavors, you’ll achieve the success that so many others have when it comes to the writer’s life.

However...sometimes...we all experience days full of writers block, low to no motivation, and just downright not wanting to write.

And That’s Why I’m Writing You Today..

My name is James Carter and I’m the marketing director here at Writer’s Life.

I’d like to introduce you to a quaint little gift that not only serves as the perfect party favor, but is also a great reminder to keep pushing for all your writing dreams to come true.
Introducing The 
'Keep Calm and Write On' 
Hand Crafted High Quality Silver Plated Pendant/Necklace Set! 

This once in a lifetime charm will wow you with it sleek, but carefully crafted handmade design.

Your friends will think you’ve invested a small fortune obtaining one of these dynamic pendants, but we’ll just let them keep believing you did ok?  ;-)
Here Are The Details: 
  • Unisex - made for male and female alike.
  • (1.25" or 3.18 cm) diameter round charm .
  • Glass dome covered professionally printed image .
  • Top quality silver plated nickel free base .
  • 1 inch split ring to add your keys .
  • Each pendant includes a matching 24" (61 cm) necklace with a lobster-style clasp.
  • The artwork is sealed under glass to protect and enhance the image.
  • The perfect gift for any writer!
Sure. There Are Other Pendants Out There...
But None of Them Scream 'Successful Writer'
Like This One!
You could search the internet and the world over and you still wouldn’t find a charming pendant-necklace combination that not only looks absolutely incredible, but exudes confidence for the wearer.

With this charm, you’ll be reminded of the awesome writer’s life that every writer and author absolutely dreams of and is in reach.

Simply put, there are other pendant-necklace combinations out there, but this one has no equal.

Especially for writers!
It's Elegant Enough For The Lady Damsel and 
Dapper Enough For The Debonair Male... 
One of the great things about this combination set is that it’s unisex.

So it doesn’t matter whether you’re a 50 year old male who’s written literature for National Geographic or the 35 year old female who satiates her readers with intense seductive novels.

Wear this pendant combination set and not only will people know you’re a serious high octane writer, but you’ll draw attention like never before as others may become attracted to your new charm.

But don’t say we didn’t warn you ok?  ;-)
 I’m Sure You’ll Find This Hand Crafted High Quality Pendant-Necklace Set Every Bit As Stunning, Elegant, & Attractive As We Do... And Now, It's Can Be Yours For An Incredibly Low Introductory Price!
As I said earlier, this pendant-necklace set is absolutely stunning and incredible.

Carefully designed by hand and the artwork is sealed under glass to protect and enhance the image.
And remember when I said your friends will think you’ve emptied Fort Knox to obtain such a wonderful piece of jewelry?

Well, while we’ll let them think that, you’ll find the price absolutely attractive.

To get yours, you won’t have to pay anymore than you would for a large pizza on a Friday night.

The 'Keep Calm and Write On' pendant-necklace set is available for a limited time only for the special introductory price of $9.97. (once we sell out of the first batch the price will increase to it regularly sold price of $49.99, so you'll want to get yours now at the lowest price that it'll ever be available.)

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Best of all, this Glass Art Pendant-Necklace Set Makes a Wonderful Gift, party favor, stocking stuffer and is perfect for any occasion .
Even if you’re not an author or write for a living, how about giving one these to someone who's a writer that's close to you?

This makes an excellent gift that your aspiring or accomplished writer would be proud to wear.

And even if they’re just starting out, imagine the joy they’ll get every time they set down to complete a writing project and have this pendant-necklace set as a constant reminder that they should pursue their writing dreams...and that you believe they can!

And you can bring that ongoing joy to them for just $9.97, plus free shipping.
We All Have A Writer In Us.
Isn't It Time You Showed Yours Off?
Listen, you won’t go wrong with this exclusive gift.

You started writing because you enjoyed it and wanted to have a life filled with other’s accepting and appreciating your work right?

Well isn’t it time you let the world know that you’re a successful writer or on your way to becoming one?

This special pendant/necklace set can help you do just that.

So here’s what next…

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Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.
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