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of Readers by Selling Your Written Content on Amazon’s Kindle”
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During This Free Webinar You'll Learn
  • - How to find out exactly what your readers want from you.  
  • - How to get published quickly  
  • - How to build a large following of loyal readers around the world.  
  • - How to publish your content in multiple languages and make it available globally.  
  • - You'll see the top 3 reasons why most writers fail and how to avoid making the same mistakes that 99.9% of your competitors will.  
  • - Why your current written material my not be selling the way you would like it to  
  • - How to price your content for success.  
  • And much more. 

David Steel - WritersLife.org

chief editor of Writer's Life.org, David Steel has helped thousands of authors, writers and poets to advance their writing to the next level.

Ty Cohen

For well over a decade, Ty has taught over 50,000 writers how to get published, sell books and attract tens of thousands of raving readers to their written material. Listen in on this week's live webinar as he shares his best publishing tips with our audience. Click the yellow button above to watch now.
* “We are now ending the month and I am completing my 400th* sale!
Needless to say my family and I are ecstatic and I really want to thank you for your help, encouragement and for teaching such an amazing, life changing opportunity…”*(Do the math 400 ebooks sold x $9.99 each) - Results are not typical - Chris B. California, USA

“I’m up to 336* sales (of my ebooks) as we speak. I’m happy with that”*
(Do the math 336 ebooks sales x $9.99 each) - Results are not typical - Darren Devery, Perth, Australia

* “I don’t have my final sales figures (from Amazon.com yet), but I’m sure I cracked over 900 dollars*.. Maybe even $1000.00*
This is fantastic. I’m going to go big or go home with the Kindle stuff. It works, flat out.” - Results are not typical - Dan Murphy
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